Hand Pumps

Hand pumps come in different shapes and sizes. The Pitcher Pump is a Cast Iron hand pump that will lift water vertically no more than 25 feet. The Oasis Hand pump can be used for either shallow lifting like the Pitcher Pump or like the Deep Well hand pump by adding the DW Kit. Both shallow well pumps are made to screw on top of a well pipe with either 1-1/4″ or 2″ female threads.

The Deep Well hand pump (not shown) is a large cast iron pump that is roughly 4 feet tall with a long handle. What the handle does is move a plunger down in the well on the inside of an Eureka cylinder. The Eureka cylinder is suspended down into the water level in the well on 21′ lengths of galvanized pipe. What moves the plunger in the cylinder are 7/16″ galvanized rods that are connected to the pumps handle and the plunger. Moving the handle up and down forces the plunger to push water up the 1-1/4″ column of pipe and out the spout of the pump.

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