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These accessories and many more are used in water well applications. These listed are some of the most popular.
More are available. Call or contact us for more information.

Air Release Valve Air Release Valve for galvanized  tanks:
Lake strainer Lake Strainer for  Irrigation. 9" X 28"
100 gallons per minute. Visit their web  site
Boiler drain Boiler Drains pipe to hose  valves:

Check valve Brass Check Valves w/female pipe  threads:

Float switch Pump up or Pump down Float Switchs for Cisterns.
These floats are either NO or NC. One float does it all. Three wires, one is neutral the other two determine level up or level down. These do not have the piggy back plug shown in the picture.
Twenty foot cord on all floats.
Foot valve Brass Foot Valves:

Gauge Pressure Gauges:

1/4 X 2  0 - 100 lbs For well  pumps.
1/8 X 2  0 - 100 lbs For well pumps.
1/4 X 2  0 - 60 lbs For  Pools.
Hose bibb

Hose Bibbs:


Leathers Cup Leathers:

2 X 1-1/4, 3 X 1-1/4 and
3 X  2. All other sizes available in sleeves of 12.
Pressure switch Pressure Switches for Water  Pumps:

Import copy of Square D Fsg-2
30 - 50  Psi.
Merrill Fsg-2  30 - 50 Psi  M1 with on/off lever.
Merrill Fsg-2  30 - 50 Psi  M4 with low psi cutoff.
Merrill Gsg-2 40 - 60 Psi Heavy duty. 
Sub cable Submersible Pump Cable:
14-3 w/ground 500 Roll
12-2 w/ground 500 Roll.
12-3 w/ground  500 Roll.
10-3 w/ground 500 Roll.
12-2 w/ground cut lengths per  foot.
12-3 w/ground cut lengths per foot.
10-3 w/ground cut lengths per  foot.
Absolutely no returns on submersible cable cut to length.
Splice kit Splice Kits for Submersible  Cable:

4  wire kit, 3 shrink tubes, 4 Sta-Con connectors. 
Tank Tee

Tank Tee w/Union 14 X 1 for Flexcon and other tanks.

1" and 1-1/4" short tees for the side mount Zilmet Tanks.

All Tees have 2 1/4" taps, 2 1/2" taps with 3/4" or 1" female and 1" or 1-1/4" male threads.

Well Seals Well Seals for 2 - 3 - 4 and 5  wells.
All 2 Hole sizes 1 and 1-1/4
All 3 Hole sizes 1 and 1-1/4
All 4 Hole sizes 1 1-1/4 and 2
All 5 Hole sizes 1 1-1/4 and 2

Potential Relays for Franklin and other Control boxes. 230 Volt.

Start and Run Capacitors of all popular sizes are available upon request.



The 24 volt Transformer, the Solonoid Valve and the Float Switch shown below go together to keep a cistern full and protect a submersible pump in the cistern by turning the motor off before the water level gets down to the pump. The 24 volt Definate Purpose Contactor (Relay) can handle the current of the pump motor while keeping the voltage in the water at 24 volts.
This is a link showing how the four items all wire together to keep the cistern full. Another float is added to the submersible pump piping just above the pump to protect it from running dry:

 How to wire up your cistern

115 Volt to 24 Volt Transformer. Plugs right into the wall and two wires attach to it under the screws at the bottom.
1" Solonoid Valve with 24 Volt Solonoid. Comes in Slip for PVC Pipe.
Pump up or Pump down Float Switch. Has three wires: Common, up and down.
30 Amp Definate Purpose Relay with 24 Volt Coil. Turns the Pump Motor on and off when triggered by Float Switch.


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