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Simple Pump The Simple Pump can lift water 350 feet. It can be added to your existing well with a Submersible Pump already in the well. You can learn more about the Simple Pump here.
Purchase Pitcher Pumps here.

The Pitcher Pump can lift water 25 feet vertically. Easy installation. Constructed of heavy cast iron with enamel finish. Has open spout with bucket holder. 15-3/4" high.
Tapped for 1-1/4" pipe. Has 3" ID cylinder.

How a pitcher pump works?



Deep Well Hand Pump

The Deep Well Hand Pump can lift water 201 feet vertically. Parts are available to install on your well. Constructed of heavy cast iron. Has a stuffing box to make it safe for drinking water. Can be anchored directly to well with optional flange. Flanges fit 2 inch thru 6 inch wells. Pump can be made freeze proof. Sucker rods come in three convenient sizes, 7', 18' and 21'.

Purchase Oasis Shallow Well Hand Pump here.

The Oasis Shallow Well Hand Pump.

Purchase Oasis Deep Well Hand Pump here.

WP2D & DC280 Kit are the entire deep well pump and cylinder kit. Just add pipe.

Oasis installation videos:

Shallow well installation
Deep Well Installation
Additional Deep Well Installation instructions


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